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Here is where I live:

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This is the village of Meavy, situated on the south western edge of Dartmoor and 10 miles north of Plymouth. 
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The white building on the right is The Royal Oak Inn, the only pub in Britain owned by a parish council.


The Parle Genealogy Website

Local Weather Conditions

Weather Underground PWS IDEVONDO2

Current weather data from a local weather station situated in Dousland, about 1.4km north of Meavy.

Vixen Tor

Local websites:

Meavy Village

Callisham Farm, The best Bed and Breakfast in Dartmoor and Devon!

The Royal Oak Inn, the best local in Dartmoor and Devon.

Not so local website:

The Chapel House, my sister's pub in Warrington.


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Royal Oak Inn Views of Dartmoor Holy Cross Catholic Church, Yelverton