Views around Dartmoor

Views of Dartmoor

Views around Dartmoor, mostly around Burrator and South West Dartmoor

Photographs taken by Michael A Parle




From Postbridge to Bellever Bridge, along the East Dart to Laughter Hole House, then over Laughter Tor and Bellever Tor

7th September 2006

Around Burrator

27th January 2008

Around Burrator

4th June 2006

Views around Burrator Parish

11th January 2003

The level of water in Burrator Reservoir was the lowest it has been for many years

10th November 2003

On a drive and a walk from Dartmeet

24th January 2005

On a walk from Norsworthy Bridge via Deancombe round to Yellowmead Down

11th June 2018

On a walk along Devonport Leat, over Raddick Hill and back to Norsworthy Bridge

20th October 2005

On a walk from Norsworthy Bridge to Raddick Hill and back along Devonport Leat

26th October 2002

Walk from Cadover Bridge through North Wood down to Shaugh Bridge, along the River Meavy as far as Dewerstone Cottage, up through Dewerstone Wood to Dewerstone Rock, and finally across Wigford Down back to Cadover Bridge

2nd November 2006

Walk up the East Dart valley, from Postbridge to the East Dart Waterfall

1st September 2006

Through Holne Woods, alongside the River Dart

15th November 2009

The Lee Moor China Clay Pits are just outside the national park boundary, but they still have an impact on the local landscape

6th November 2006

From Meavy to Sheepstor

12th October 2002

On a walk from Norsworthy Bridge to Nun’s Cross

4th February 2007

From Gutter Mire to Higher Hartor Tor via the Plym Valley

16th February 2004

On a walk from Ringmoor Down around to Legistor Warren and Gutter Tor

2nd June 2004

On a walk along the River Meavy, after a very wet night

6th November 2005

From Meavy to Sheeps Tor

16th March 2003

Around South West Dartmoor

17th November 2002

Around South West Dartmoor

20th October 2002

On a walk from Blacka Brook Bridge to Trowlesworthy Warren and Great Trowlesworthy Tor on an overcast day

14th November 2008

From Merrivale, down the Walkham valley and around Swelltor Quarries and King’s Tor

30th September 2007

Meldon Reservoir, High Willhays and Yes Tor

24th May 2007


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